Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weld County March

Another 11x15 pastel in the classroom from a photo reference (thanks, Dad!). This one really is much nicer in real life - there is a pink glow in the sky that didn't photograph at all, and the colors are much softer and hazier than they came out, even with all the tweaking I could do. I think this one is begging to be a big watercolor. I might try that.

Really, I'm not enjoying the pastels very much - they kind of drive me nuts trying to find just the right color, fighting the texture of the paper showing through, buggering up the surface of the paper trying to blend and re-work.....it's just that they work so well in the classroom setting. I can tape WIPs and finished stuff up to the wall when I'm done, they don't stink or dry up or get my hands or clothes too yucky... and they really lend themselves well to a 5 minute session here and 10 minutes there.... no cleanup. Maybe I should invest in some better paper. I find myself wrecking the surface of this cheap "bogus" paper I'm using, and filling the tooth way too quickly. I have a little Wallis paper at home, but I can't justify the price of that stuff for these quickies. The Canson that I've used has a texture that bugs me.... if you have suggestions, post them in the comments! If I'm going to do these, I probably should be doing them right. As it is I wouldn't feel right selling any of them because they're all on paper that won't last.
Well, I do appreciate my administrator's (Thanks, Greg) willingness to let me do a little work in the classroom. (Some aren't willing) Very theraputic way to spend my lunches, etc., and I feel so much better keeping my hand in it a little.
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