Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recent small paintings

All Golden Open acrylics on 5"x7" clayboard
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Mark "LDS Music" Hansen said...

I'm always amazed that a real artist can take very little actual paint, and with broad strokes, create great art. And how a hack (such as myself) can overwork details with great pains and much effort, and still not get anything good.

These are wonderful! Thanks for posting them.

Cristy said...

What a nice thing to say, Mark - thank you.
It's interesting that as painters we often struggle most to leave detail out. The opposite of what people would expect. I squint, intentionally blur reference photos, everything short of sanding my glasses (although I've thought of that...) to make myself see main important things, and ignore the insignificant details. Sometimes I think there's a philosophical approach to life in that idea, but have never quite found the words to capture it.

I enjoy seeing what you cook, Mark - and I'd love to see your art some time, too.
Keep that black pot of yours hot!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the details are better left to the observers imagination. That's what makes great artists great. Nice work!