Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Front Yard Bargerville

This is one of three little sculptures from a series I've been working on recently.  The sculptures are made of grass, soil and dog hair - the concept being using only materials I find in my front yard.  (the lawn and shrub bed are excluded - my thought centers around the things that were there before I began planting and watering things.)


Judi M said...

Did you make that dorodango? I saw them made on Mythbusters & made one myself out of the mud in our yard. Quite a process. I found your blog as a link from Duene's. I enjoy looking at your art.

Cristy said...

Hi Judi - I've been experimenting with the process. It's an interesting way to elevate something ordinary, seems to me.
Thanks for the nice comment - I've got some more images of this body of work coming up.